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Munro “Blown Away” By Musk + Semiconductors, FCC Denies Tesla, Porsche Spinoff? (02.19.21)

➤ Sandy Munro shares more details about his recent interview and time spent with Elon Musk ➤ Reuters article adds color on automotive semiconductor supply challenges ➤ FCC denies Tesla’s request to utilize radar in vehicle cabins ➤ Volkswagen reportedly exploring Porsche spinoff Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapo …

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1177: Why does Elon Musk bull Bitcoin? @JohnTamny @RealClearMarkets

Photo: Ancient coin. http://JohnBatchelorShow.com/contacthttp://JohnBatchelorShow.com/schedulesParler & Twitter: @BatchelorShowWhy does Elon Musk bull Bitcoin? @JohnTamny @RealClearMarketshttps://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2021/02/10/teslas_bitcoin_purchase_is_the_start_of_a_bullish_monetary_future_659764.html

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Elon Manipulates Crypto, Burry Predicts A Tesla Crash, And Matty Shares Top States For Real Estate Migration | WBW

In this episode of Millionaire Mindcast, we have the dynamic duo talks about what happened in the past week with the economy, Elon Musk manipulates dogecoin. Michael Burry predicts Tesla stocks crash. And Matty shares top states for real estate migration. This and more on today's episode. Tune-in, Enjoy!  Enter giveawa …

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Clubhouse explained

Elon Musk uses Clubhouse. Kanye's on Clubhouse. Oprah, too. But what the heck is Clubhouse, and how do you use it? We've got all the details, including an app walkthrough of the hottest new social network.

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Elon Musk Joins Joe Rogan for 3-Hour Interview, Edmunds Releases EV Range Test (02.11.21)

➤ Elon Musk joins Joe Rogan for a three-and-a-half-hour interview and shares new details on Tesla’s Roadster and the new Tesla Model S Plaid, discusses Tesla’s Cybertruck, Semi, future product plans and more. ➤ Edmunds publishes electric vehicle range test, says every Tesla they tested fails to meet EPA range Twitter: …

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Money Tree (EP.190)

On this week's episode we discuss Elon Musk becoming the new Warren Buffett, companies putting bitcoin on their balance sheet, the Mount Rushmore of CEOs, NFTs and trading cards, tapping your home equity and more.   Find complete shownotes on our blogs... Ben Carlson’s A Wealth of Common Sense Michael Batnick’s The Irr …

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Snyder's EA Enchiladás

Today we are back with more 🔥🔥 . We try to solve EA's money problems in this one. Meanwhile Elon Musk is secretly planning to make a halo jeep ( probably will influence the game as well), Unfortunately no more DBS and THE #SNYDERCUT IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE you heard it hear first

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Elon Musk Buys Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know About Tesla's $1.5B Purchase

Elon Musk’s Tesla (TSLA) has purchased $1.5 billion in bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset. Additionally, the company will soon be allowing people to pay for Teslas with bitcoin.  In this episode, NLW breaks down: How Elon got to this moment, including his exchanges with MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) Michael Saylor What crit …

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#124 - Shelf Stable Salad Platter

come for Todd's questionable food storage practices, stay for the pizza hackers, CIA propaganda, and Elon Musk building a self-sustaining instance of burning man with all the amenities of a city except he rules it like a feudal lord.   outro: https://youtu.be/3fMgPyjXCSs   thanks so much for listening! pls rate …

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This week in Bitcoin- 2-5-2021- Dogecoin, Stimulus, Saylor, WallStreetBets, Elon Musk, Ethereum ATH, Q&A!

Elon musk tweets about Dogecoin and a bunch of normies buy it and think they are making some sort of economic statement. WallStreetBets did not beat "the man". Stimulus checks are on the way, Michael Saylor educates the wealthy and they will benefit, Ethereum reaches a new ATH, the week where the impulsive and long-ter …

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2267: Open Orphan New Clinic, eEnergy Trading Update and Glen Goodman on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin

Glen Goodman, former ITV News Business correspondent and now author of, "The Crypto Trader", talks about Elon Musk's crypto pumping, Jeff Bezos, Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin

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"Dogecoin Shines. Elon Tweets." January 29, 2021

Today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency news Brought to you by ungrocery.com Bitcoin is up 2.5% at $37,696 Ethereum is up .5% at $1,420 and Polkadot is up 3% at $17.50 Top gainers in the last 24 hours: Dogecoin up 400% Stellar up 22% FTX Token up 21% Elon musk edits twitter bio to read "Bitcoin" DogeCoin hits ATH. …

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Mick's Toilet Woes, Artem Sitak Quarantine update, Neroli Meadows, plus Charlie Pickering

1) Mick's Toilet Woes 2) The Honesty System 3) Robbie Williams joins Club COVID 4) Artem Sitak update from Quarantine 5) Elon Musk News 6) Neroli Meadows 7) Song Whisperer 8) Charlie Pickering 9) Trump's Pardons with Jay MuellerSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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Blogpost: https://julianhosp.com/rumor-is-elon-musk-investing-in-bitcoin/ ---------------  Here you can simply buy DFI: https://global.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-DFI If you want cash flow from your crypto-currencies, check out my company CAKE: https://pool.cakedefi.com ---------------  How to buy Bitcoin i …

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"Cancel Culture Gone Crazy" - 01.12.21 - Hour 1

In this first hour, Howie discusses the intensifying of cancel culture in today's political climate. Also, Grace joins Howie to discuss Elon Musk's call out of Amazon and Big Tech.

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Pfizer Stirkes New COVID-19 Vaccine Deal With US, President Trump Sounds Off On Stimulus Bill, And Elon Musk On Selling Tesla To Apple

Carl Quintanilla, Morgan Brennan and Mike Santoli discussed Pfizer and BioNTech announcing that they've struck an agreement with the US government to supply anadditional 100 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. The anchors also took a closer look at market reaction to President Trump's criticism of the $900-billion …

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Musk is Fortune’s 2020 Businessperson of the Year, Giga Berlin, Volkswagen Update (12.02.20)

➤ Elon Musk has been selected as Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year 2020 ➤ Automotive News also recognizes Elon Musk with award ➤ Tesla receives paint shop permit for Giga Berlin ➤ Update on Volkswagen after CEO Herbert Diess meets with executive committee in regards to the company’s future Twitter: https://www.twitt …

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Musk Talks Autonomy, TSLA, Mergers, Electric Jets + Leaked Email, Cybertruck, LG (12.01.20)

➤ Elon Musk shares new details on Tesla in a series of interviews as recipient of the Axel Springer Award (https://youtu.be/787CmHGyOmE) ➤ Musk talks autonomy timelines, TSLA’s share price and market cap, merger possibilities, electric jets and more ➤ In a leaked email, Musk pushes for lowering costs and mentions Tesla …

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Women’s property rights in Africa, should Elon send his money back to SA? and Tito says no strings attached

Nicholas Lorimer asks Terence Corrigan and Hermann Pretorius about a report Terence wrote regarding the state of women’s property rights in Africa, their view on a call for Elon Musk to send his money back to SA and Tito Mboweni’s demand that the world bank attaches no strings to any loans. #InNoUncertainTerms

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New Battery Cost, Tesla Semi Details from Musk Interview + TSLA All-Time High (11.24.20)

➤ Elon Musk shares new details on Tesla’s battery costs, Tesla Semi, Giga Berlin, and Tesla’s challenges for 2021 in a new interview for the European Battery Conference ➤ Full interview: https://youtu.be/gG6dwg6cyv0 ➤ TSLA stock passes $500B market cap and hits new all-time high Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapo …

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The "Biden Transition Rally", Yellen As Treasury Secretary?, The COVID-19 Effect, And Elon Musk Keeps Getting Richer

Carl Quintanilla, Jim Cramer and David Faber discussed the rally for stocks on this first trading day since the Trump Administration officially authorized the Biden presidential transition. With President-Elect Biden expected to nominate former Fed Chair Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary, the anchors took a closer …

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The Bitcoin Noise Show- Wild Max Keiser BTC predictions, Elon Musk rocks Coronavirus! FIRE your wealth manager! Bcash PayPal?

Welcome to the Bitcoin Noise Show!  I point out the noise so you can focus on more productive matters! Did PayPal not understand what they were getting into with Bcash? Does Max Keiser make BTC predictions he know are highly unlikely? I talk about some of the latest ones. Elon Musk rocks the virus testing situation! FI …

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Elon Musk's Ridiculous COVID Experience

Elon Musk now doubts almost everything COVID after he has four tests and two came back positive and two came back negative. Plus, Prince Charles' clothes are ridiculously expensive, more election shenanigans alleged, voicemails, and more! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


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