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Is Amazon Good for Small Business?

Amazon has come a long way since online book sales. In fact, when it comes to revenue, Jeff Bezos’ creation is the world’s biggest internet-based company. But what makes the "everything store" so ubiquitous? In large part, it’s the small and medium-sized businesses that use the platform to sell their goods. This year, …

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#377 - Amazon Posts, Virtual Bundle Strategy, And More!

In this episode, we speak with a 7-figure seller from Brazil, Antonio Bindi, to talk about his Amazon journey and his unique strategies on product launches, Amazon Posts, and virtual bundles.

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#376 - The Latest Updates For Selling In Amazon UAE

In this episode, we talk to two sellers who live in Dubai to talk about selling on Amazon markets in the gulf region and how one seller scaled up to $250,000 sales without software.

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10 Amazon Selling Hacks Part 2 (Amazon Selling Strategy, How to Sell Successfully on Amazon)

This week we mix it up and share a special list Michael’s prepared after interviewing over 500 Amazon sellers. It’s a list of 10 powerful business concepts from top Amazon experts. So join us as we share the best of the best. What you’ll learn 10 powerful business concepts from over 500 episodes of the amazingfba po …

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Amazon inventory management

Amazon inventory management doesn’t sound very sexy. Sadly, it’s not just necessary. It's critical. The great news is this: get this right and you can improve everything you care about as an entrepreneur. It can actually transform your business. Especially its cash flow and profitability. If those aren't sexy words to …

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Why Amazon is Dialing Back Its Own Brands

Amazon tried to grow the sales of its private label brands, like AmazonBasics, by adding more products. But rather than juice sales, it’s created new headaches — especially with regulators. WSJ’s Dana Mattioli explains why Amazon is starting to scale back. Further Reading: - Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers …

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When Will The Next Wave Be For Amazon Brand Exits?

When Will The Next Wave Be For Amazon Brand Exits? In this episode I give my thoughts on a recent Marketplace Pulse “Gold Rush To Fund Amazon Aggregators Dries Up”  I have had a pretty good view of the space over the last couple of years. I have a great relationship with many Aggregators and Brokers and seen dozens o …

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Working People: She asked Amazon for injury accommodations. They fired her.

The Amazon Labor Union victory at the JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island was historic, but right now, as we speak, Amazon is currently in court trying to throw out the results of that election, and pro-union worker-organizers keep getting fired. One of those workers is Alicia Johnson, who, as Luigi Morris writes, is "a 56 …

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134 - Understanding Amazon's Search Algorithm as a Reseller

The Amazon customer search algorithm is something that many resellers assume they don't need to know or understand. But when a reseller discovers how customers actually find their products in Amazon's search results, they can make the right chioces to better position their inventory to show up earlier (like page 1) in …

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#342 - A Unique Amazon Seller Story Like No Other!

Today’s episode welcomes Joseph Wang to talk everything about Amazon strategy, teddy bears, cryptocurrency, dating advice, lifehacks, networking, and more!

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S5E16: Selling your Amazon Brand & Buying $1,000,000 Home

We've been looking forward to sharing these with all of you... We're talking about how Andy sold his very first Amazon brand and bought a $1,000,000 home! Become an Amazing Freedom Insider now and get exclusive content and tools from Andy and Nate! http://amazingfreedom.com/insider  Sign up to become an Amazon Seller …

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Inside Amazon 4/14/22

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says workers may be “better off” not joining a union.  In an extended interview at Amazon’s Seattle campus, Jassy spoke with Andrew Ross Sorkin to break down his first annual letter to shareholders. Jassy explains how the company quickly grew its fulfillment center capacity amid a rapid pandemic r …

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How Amazon’s first union got it done

The first-ever union to win a vote at Amazon did it on a shoestring budget, throwing out much of the organized labor rulebook and relying on workers’ inside knowledge. It was the kind of victory that organized labor hasn’t seen in a generation or more. Amazon is the second-largest employer in the United States and the …

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UNLOCKED: Will interviews Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls

Will talks to president of the Amazon Labor Union Chris Smalls about the successful effort to unionize the JFK8 Amazon fulfillment center on Staten Island. Subscribe today for early access to exclusive interviews! www.patreon.com/chapotraphouse

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Helium 10 Buzz 3/30/22: Amazon Mobile App Data Reports, Serious Sellers Club Member Interview, And Creating Custom Barcode Labels

In this episode, we cover the latest on Amazon and Etsy. Interview a multi-figure Amazon entrepreneur, and show you how to create custom barcode labels.

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#333 - Advanced Influencer Marketing Strategies for Amazon Brands

Did you know that you can easily find a TikTok influencer that’s perfect for your Amazon brand? Today’s expert guest shows you how plus more strategies.

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#332 - TikTok Marketing Strategies For Amazon Brands

TikTok is the hottest social media platform right now. Learn how to utilize it to grow your Amazon business through organic posts and paid ads.

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Helium 10 Buzz 3/16/22: Amazon & Walmart Order Delays, PPC Q&A, And Measuring The Success Of A Listing Versus Its Competitors

We’re back to cover the latest news on Amazon, Walmart, & Shopify. We talk with an Amazon PPC expert about his strategies to improve your campaigns and more!

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Amazon's Bizarre Bazaar

“Best Book Club Ever,” read one sign inside Amazon Books at Seattle’s University Village this weekend. On the bookshelves below it were products including an electric 1.5-liter ceramic kettle, a sugar dispenser, and a marble cheese slicer. Elsewhere in the store, shoppers browsed items as varied as a plush baby shark, …

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#508: Get to know Amazon FSx

Amazon FSx provides fully managed file storage in the cloud and offers capabilities and performance of popular commercial and open-source file systems. Customers can choose between four file systems: NetApp ONTAP, OpenZFS, Windows File Server, and Lustre. In this episode, Simon is joined by Andrew Crudge, (Principal Pr …

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S5E9: How To Lose $10,000,000 on Amazon

How do you lose $10,000,000 on Amazon? Let's hear it from Nate and Andy as they talk about the takeaways and lessons you need to learn if you ever plan to sell your brand.  Become an Amazing Freedom Insider now and get exclusive content and tools from Andy and Nate! http://amazingfreedom.com/insider  Sign up to becom …


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