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PREVIEW: TESLA: Excerpt from a conversation with colleague Jim McTague re his purchse of a 2022 Tesla 3 from the Hertz company that is selling off its 20,000 used Teslas -- for reasons of customers' complaining of a weak EV infrastructure for rentals. Ji

PREVIEW: TESLA: Excerpt from a conversation with colleague Jim McTague re his purchse of a 2022 Tesla 3 from the Hertz company that is selling off its 20,000 used Teslas -- for reasons of customers' complaining of a weak EV infrastructure for rentals.  Jim McTague recounts the driving experience and is genuinely deligh …

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Hertz Cuts Back Tesla Fleet, Giga Berlin Production Pause, Cybertruck Deliveries (01.11.24)

➤ Hertz announces plans to sell significant portion of EV fleet ➤ CPI report slightly higher than expected ➤ Tesla reportedly plans temporary Giga Berlin pause ➤ Non-employee Cybertruck orders receive VINs, delivery may be scheduled ➤ Tesla reportedly informs workers of pay increases ➤ Tesla announces Megapack commissi …

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Episode 440: Analyzing Tesla’s Q4 Production and Delivery Numbers

Tesla posted its Q4 production and delivery numbers – and thus its overall 2023 figures – and I’ve got reactions and analysis to the data. Plus: New paint colors for the Model Y, our first piece of information on Autopilot Hardware 5, and more! If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support my efforts, please check …

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Cliff Notes: Will Tesla's Stock Plummet to $50 per Share?

In this episode of EYL, Rashad Bilal, Ian Dunlap, and Troy Millings dive into the topic of Tesla, discussing the bullish and bearish perspectives on the company. The conversation begins with the mention of a famed analyst's estimate that Tesla stock could potentially decline to $50 per share. While this drastic decline …

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SEC Seeks Court Order, Hyundai-Kia Joins NACS, Giga Mexico, Tesla Semi, Calendar (10.05.23)

➤ SEC seeks court order against Elon Musk ➤ Tesla granted CT order ➤ Hyundai-Kia joins NACS ➤ Germany sales update ➤ Giga Mexico reports ➤ Updated Model Y photos ➤ Tesla increases Semi hiring ➤ Cybertruck sightings ➤ GM CTO reportedly exiting ➤ Lucid releases new opening-price version ➤ Musk comments at IAC ➤ Calendar …

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Cybertruck Production Closing In, Tesla Supercharging Scores Again, Acquisition (06.23.23)

➤ New looks at Cybertruck production processes ➤ Tesla updates Cybertruck reservation page ➤ New Cybertruck patent ➤ Ron Baron expects TSLA to double ➤ Acquisition update ➤ Another state pushes for NACS ➤ Calendar Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapodcast Patreon: https://www.pa …

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TSLA Stock on Historic Run + Tesla Talks With Mongolia / India (06.07.23)

➤ Tesla stock continues historic run ➤ Canada raises interest rates ➤ Musk meets with Mongolian Prime Minister ➤ Report on Tesla and India ➤ New Tesla Energy project ➤ SolarCity lawsuit ruling ➤ Waymo accident ➤ Volvo unveils new EV Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapodcast Patr …

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Project Highland, Tesla Energy, Hardware 4, Musk Interview, Lucid (05.31.23)

➤ Tesla reportedly plans early glimpse of updated Model 3 during Musk visit to China ➤ Musk continues meeting with government officials ➤ Tesla to supply massive energy storage project in Arizona ➤ Hardware 4 insight ➤ Musk interview with The Babylon Bee ➤ Lucid to raise more capital Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.co …

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Musk Visits China, Tesla Seeks AI Talent, FSD Beta 11.4.2, NHTSA, Colorado Credit (05.30.23)

➤ Elon Musk lands in Beijing for visit ➤ Tesla SEC filings ➤ Insured vehicle data ➤ Tesla wins lawsuit ➤ FSD Beta 11.4.2 released ➤ Tesla lists job for large language models ➤ Tesla Electric promotion ➤ Ford to send all EV customers NACS adapter ➤ NHTSA closes one Tesla investigation ➤ Colorado updates EV credit ➤ Tesl …

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Analyst Encouraged After Tesla Tour, Factory Updates, Chevy Silverado EV (05.19.23)

➤ Deutsche Bank issues analyst note after Shareholder Meeting, factory tour ➤ Tesla Asia publishes promotional video ➤ Tesla applies for China expansion ➤ More reporting on Tesla and India ➤ GM updates range on Chevy Silverado EV ➤ Munro tears down Hummer ➤ Calendar Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https:/ …

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CEO Drama, Tesla Sales & Production, FSD 11.4.1, Shareholder Meeting (05.15.23)

➤ Tesla Daily is back! ➤ Elon Musk appoints new Twitter CEO ➤ Tesla set for shareholder meeting ➤ Tesla Y price increases, sales, wait times, production ➤ Right-hand drive S/X cancelled ➤ FSD 11.4.1 ➤ Highland rumors ➤ Tesla breaks ground on lithium refinery ➤ Giga Texas hit production milestone ➤ Musk meets with Samsu …

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Tesla Q1 2023

Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle Playlist PodcastToday's Show: Tesla Q1 2023 Earnings CallSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/kilowatt. Support the show at https://plus.acast.com/s/kilowatt. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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Episode 401: Analyzing Tesla’s Q1 Production and Delivery Numbers

Tesla has announced its Q1 production and delivery totals, with one of those figures being a bit surprising. Plus: Tesla has released another limited-edition alcoholic beverage, some new Cybertruck job listings lead some to wonder if the stainless steel truck is going to be painted (I'll tell you why it probably won’t …

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Charging non-Tesla EVs at a Supercharger

Become a member at https://CR.org/joinviaYT to find out how each vehicle we purchase performs in our tests. Tesla now allows non-Tesla EVs to use its Supercharger network in a handful of locations in New York and California using its new Magic Dock CCS adapter. We visit one of these locations with CR's Kia EV6 and Merc …

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BYD and Tesla in China, Fed, FSD, Mexico, Berlin, Musk Comments, Rivian (03.07.23)

➤ Analyzing insured vehicle and sales numbers after the first two months of the quarter for Tesla and BYD ➤ Fed’s Powell comments on rates ➤ FSD Beta v11.3.1 appears to begin rollout ➤ New comments on Giga Mexico timeline ➤ Giga Berlin update ➤ Musk comments on Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX at conference ➤ Rivian plans debt o …

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Data Reveals Impact of Tesla Price Cuts, UBS Expects Massive Auto Market Declines (01.23.23)

➤ Various data points regarding Tesla interest after price cuts ➤ Tesla inventory levels out ➤ UBS analysts see massive declines in automotive industry earnings ➤ Kia EV9 specs possibly leaked Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapodcast Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tesladailyp …

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Musk Cautions on Indonesia Report, Tesla Passes BMW, Solar Inverter, EU Policy (01.11.23)

➤ Elon Musk comments on reporting of Tesla factory in Indonesia ➤ Tesla surpasses BMW for leadership position in US premium market ➤ Tesla solar inverter white paper ➤ More IDRA shipments arrive at Giga Texas ➤ Tesla Semi update ➤ Cybertruck rumor ➤ Roadster rumor ➤ German automakers push for EU policy changes Sharelof …

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VP Comments on Price Cuts, Giga Press, Tesla Insurance, Calendar (01.06.23)

➤ Tesla VP comments on price cuts in China ➤ Market reacts to price cuts ➤ Reviewing Tesla prices over time ➤ IDRA shipments arrive at Giga Texas ➤ Tesla Insurance update Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapodcast Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tesladailypodcast Tesla Referral: …

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Big Tesla Price Cuts in China (01.05.23)

➤ Tesla has dramatically lowered prices in China and other countries ➤ Production confirmed to be resumed at Giga Shanghai ➤ Tesla adds additional option to Model S/X ➤ Tesla withdraws request in Texas ➤ NHTSA requirement results in some window features being removed by Tesla ➤ Mercedes to launch US charging network ➤ …

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Correction From Tesla China, Baird Cuts Price Target, Norway, Used Prices, Nio, SpaceX (12.28.22)

➤ Tesla China corrects report on Giga Shanghai production plan ➤ Baird cuts TSLA price target ➤ Tesla crosses major milestone in Norway ➤ Data shows decline in used Tesla prices ➤ Nio reduces delivery guidance ➤ SpaceX hits 2022 launch target Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapo …

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Elon Musk Shares Major Details on Tesla, Reiterates Focus & Confidence (12.22.22)

➤ Elon Musk discusses, Tesla, Twitter, the macro environment and more in new Twitter Space ➤ TSLA stock drops on the highest volume of the year ➤ Model Y breaks record in Norway ➤ Tesla expands battery footprint in Fremont ➤ Tesla reportedly places order with TSMC Shareloft: https://www.shareloft.com Twitter: https://w …

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Musk Sale, Factory Rumor, Texas Production, Tesla Electric, EOQ, Reliabilty, F-150 (12.15.22)

➤ Report on possible new Tesla factory location ➤ Elon Musk discloses TSLA stock sale ➤ Giga Texas hits production rate milestone ➤ Tesla launches Tesla Electric ➤ Update on Giga Shanghai ➤ Tesla adds end-of-quarter incentives ➤ FSD Beta begins public rollout ➤ Consumer Reports comments on Tesla reliability ➤ …

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Musk Comments on Tesla, High TSLA Volume, China Insured Numbers, Giga Berlin, Holiday Update, EPA (12.13.22)

➤ Elon Musk comments on Tesla, makes commitment to Tesla shareholders ➤ TSLA stock volume hits 52-week high as stock falls to two-year low ➤ CPI report comes in lower than expected ➤ Reviewing China insured vehicle numbers ➤ China to consider stimulus plans ➤ Tesla releases holiday software update ➤ Giga Berlin update …

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FSD V11, Tesla Semi, and Canoo

Events:Register for Tesla Semi-EventLinks:General Motors expects EV profitability by 2025Ford CEO identifies EV strategy that company believes will be key to staying competitiveHyundai Ioniq 6 Is Safer Than Any Other E-GMP-Based ModelCanoo Announces New Vehicle Manufacturing Facility In Oklahoma CityRedwood Materials T …


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