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How to develop your taste in art, with critic Ariella Budick

After more than 25 years reviewing art, the Financial Times’ US art critic Ariella Budick is full of sage advice on how to approach museums and exhibitions, and how to discover our personal taste. Her biggest tip is that art is a form of communication, “a cry in the wilderness”, and “you’re just listening”. So don’t ru …

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The Value of Art

How do you know if the art on your walls is still worth anything? How do you know if you're paying a fair price for a piece of art?

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Fraud and fortune in today’s art market

We meet Orlando Whitfield, once the best friend of Inigo Philbrick, to hear about the story of how Philbrick, a young contemporary art dealer, was convicted of wire fraud. Whitfield’s new book, ‘All That Glitters’, details the pair’s friendship, Philbrick’s downfall and Whitfield’s experience of the world of fine art. …

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Behind the Scenes: What's *REALLY* Working in My Art Business Right Now

Join me, Ekaterina Popova, for a solo episode of Art & Cocktails as I pull back the curtain on my small art business to give you a clear view of what's actually working and profitable, and what's merely "nice to have." In this episode, I share the practices that are propelling my business forward. I discuss the crucial …

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Understanding the Art Market Dynamics - Ayesha Parikh of Art and Charlie

On this episode, Anupam delves into the intersection of art and business alongside Ayesha Parikh. She unveils her remarkable transition from strategy consultant to renowned photographer and gallerist. Explore the hurdles artists encounter in gaining acknowledgment and examine the multifaceted realm of art collection fr …

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Returning to Art After a Break, The Art of Pricing Commissions, Building Community with Kathleen Beausoleil

Welcome to a new episode of Art & Cocktails with your host, Ekaterina Popova @katerinaspopova   Today, we're thrilled to have Kathleen Beausoleil join us. Kathleen is a visual artist known for her evocative oil paintings that explore human social interactions and crowd dynamics. In this episode, Kathleen shares insight …

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LT – Black Art: The Interconnectedness of First Nations Healing & Art

Tune in for this special episode of Let’s Talk – Black Art, recorded live as part of BEMAC’s “Interconnectedness of First Nations Healing & Art” panel. Join Rachael as she brings together four incredible artists, cultural facilitators & healers to honour the rich tradition of creativity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait …

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Why Is Everyone Quitting Art? Handling Money Freakouts, Pricing and more: Candid AMA with Kat

What Does It Mean When Artists Are Shutting Doors? Handling Money Meltdowns, Pricing Art, and More: Candid AMA with Kat Join me, Ekaterina Popova @katerinaspopova, in this special episode of the Art and Cocktails podcast, where I dive deep into your burning questions in an "ask me anything" segment. From navigating the …

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Artistic Provenance and Art Medium Journey /w Mad Dog Jones - Art Cafe #147

Michah Dowbak aka Mad Dog Jones is a multidisciplinary artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Dowbak rose to fame in the world of crypto art with the recent success of his Crash + Burn series of NFT artworks, and he is now a headliner in the first major NFT art exhibition at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Mich …

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Art Studies

Editor’s Note, by Art Middlekauff Charlotte Mason’s most obvious link to John Ruskin is found in her lengthy quotation from Mornings in Florence in Parents and Children. Less obvious is the link from Ruskin to the practice of picture study in the House of Education, the Parents’ Union School, and homeschools today. Thi …

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Art Hounds: High school and college classical

From MPR News, Art Hounds are members of the Minnesota arts community who look beyond their own work to highlight what's exciting in local art.Want to be an Art Hound? Submit here.Click here.https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/art-hounds/id525807829Future stars shineExperience the talent and dedication of tomorrow's …

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How Your Art Makes People Feel (ep. 184)

Host: Alyson B. Stanfield For so long, I asked artists Why they make art. Some artists have a Why. For other artists, being asked why they make art is unfruitful—even debilitating. They feel unworthy if they can’t come up with a good Why. A better strategy is to focus on the people who will be viewing, talking about, …

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Tate’s racist mural—Keith Piper’s response, the Art Basel & UBS Art Market Report, Anni Albers

Four years after Tate Britain closed its restaurant because Rex Whistler’s murals on its walls contained racist imagery, it has unveiled the work it commissioned in response to Whistler’s painting by the artist Keith Piper. We talk to Piper about the work. The annual Art Basel & UBS Art Market Report was published on W …

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Art in the Christian Life with Guest Ann Tarwater

Michael Horton is joined by Ann Tarwater to discuss the place of art in the Christian life, if art is just for the elites, and how churches can emphasize truth, but neglect goodness and beauty.  Ann started her career as a model for famous American fashion designers Oscar de la Renta, Mary McFadden, Alpert Nipon, and …

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The Art of Money with Bari Tessler

SummaryMy first guest this season is Bari Tessler, author of The Art of Money, The Art of Money Workbook, and the creator of the year long Art of Money School. She has been my money mentor since I met her over 20 years ago. I knew she had to be our first guest for this season because she was the first guest ever on thi …

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Wrestling Art w/ Chris Things - Ep. 17 - Wrestling Art Curator Edition w/ IQWrestler

Episode 17; is here pals! The latest in our "Wrestling Art Curator" special-edition interview series focusing on the art practices of rad wrestling-artists! I'm truly delighted about this weeks' guest; IQWrestler! A truly talented video-artist who creates some of the absolutely greatest Wrestling Highlight videos that …

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How to Have a Sale of Your Art and Feel Good About It (#167)

Dare you have a sale of your art? I acknowledge that having a sale of original work might be unpalatable. It feels as if you are cheapening the work you put so much effort into. I get it. In just the last episode of The Art Biz (#166), I talked with Bri Larson about the mindset around raising prices and why it was impo …

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Raising Prices on Your Art, Valuing Community, and Balancing Motherhood with Bri Larson (#166)

In this episode, Bri Larson and I talk about her decision to raise her prices and how she overcame the mindset that her art needed to be affordable. We also discuss: The value of her artist community—how they have supported her growth as an artist and her journey into motherhood. How she has been able to maintain a st …

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How can art help invigorate the countryside?

In recent years, there has been a wave of creative initiatives bringing modern art into rural communities. One example is the Art at Fuliang project. Part of the Art Field China Project, it has turned a small village in east China's Jiangxi Province into an art gallery under the sun. How can art help invigorate the cou …

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Art Of Voice — The Endless Night

Artist: Art Of Voice (Bali, Indonesia) Name: The Endless Night Genre: Electronic / Downtempo Release Date: 31.08.2023 Exclusive: Deep House Moscow Art Of Voice: https://soundcloud.com/art-of-voice-project Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artofvoice.project CONTACT (DHM): Email — deephousemoscow@hotmail.com Follo …

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Artist Kevin Sharkey on his journey into art

How can art be used to escape reality and express how we feel? We speak to artist Kevin Sharkey about his early life and his journey into art.

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Ep. 272 - Generative Art with Ujjwal Agarwal

As Scott Adams, an American author and cartoonist says, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” In our today’s episode, we’ll try and understand who is making mistakes and who keeps the art. I am personally super interested in knowing how things unfold in this episode with …

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#52 What Are the Biggest Art Selling Times of Year?

Everybody knows the first and everybody ignores the second. Don't be everybody. This post will cover; What is the 2nd biggest time of the year to sell art, why, and why no artist or photographer can afford to ignore them 👇 This one has a blog post if you prefer reading it https://blog.artstorefronts.com/what-are-the …

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Publishing in Art, Architecture and Visual Culture

This episode features discussions with Thomas Weaver (Senior Acquisitions Editor for Art and Architecture) and Victoria Hindley (Acquisitions Editor in Visual Culture and Design) about publishing in the fields of art, architecture, and visual culture, as part of our virtual attendance of the 2021 College Art Associatio …


Charlotte Mason Poetry

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Monocle 24: Monocle on Culture

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Highlights from The Pat Kenny Show

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