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JCPC 103 John Long

Legendary US climber and storyteller, major star of Yosemite climbing in the 1970s, the archetypical Stonemaster, John Long in conversation.  John was at the heart of some of the finest events in US climbing throughout the 1970s and went on to chronicle these in his short stories then to carve a career in literature an …

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Epic hike in Norway - 4444 steps up

At first glance, it doesn’t look all that hard: just climbing stairs. But these are 4444 wooden steps. Euromaxx reporter Axel Primavesi takes on the challenge and ascends Norway’s Flørli staircase.

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Neely Quinn on The Nugget Climbing Podcast with Steven Dimmitt

I was interviewed on the Nugget! This is a re-post of an interview with me on the Nugget Climbing Podcast with host Steven Dimmitt. I love being on the other side of an interview occasionally, and Steven is a fantastic interviewer. We had some laughs, talked about some serious stuff, and I feel a little vulnerable abou …

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Cyber Security Today, Aug. 23, 2021 -Exchange Servers under attack, ransomware-fighting advice and vulnerabilities in industrial control systems continue to climb

This episode reports on Exchange Servers under attack, ransomware-fighting advice and vulnerabilities in industrial control systems continue to climb

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TalkSports 8-19 HR3- THIS or That- The Climb

TalkSports 8-19 HR3- THIS or That- The Climb by FOX Sports Knoxville

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BONUS PREVIEW: Emu Havana Syndrome

Americans love climbing into zoo enclosures almost as much as they love being drunk at the zoo. Get this and all of our other bonus episodes at patreon.com/BoontaVista

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Oprah says, “I have always thought a mountain is a magnificent metaphor for life. From a distance, the ascent looks clear and smooth, but once you actually set out for the summit, you discover unexpected valleys and precarious ridges along the way. If your internal compass isn’t set to keep climbing, every stumble will …

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Morning Report 17 May 21: US sharemarkets climbed on Friday

US sharemarkets were led higher by technology shares. Facebook (+3.5%), Tesla (+3.2%), Alphabet (+2.2%) and Microsoft (+2.1%) shares all lifted. Apple and Amazon shares both climbed around 2%. Airbnb shares gained 4% as bookings jumped. Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line shares both surged more than 8%. But Walt Disney …

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Climbing Mountains with Tyrhee Moore

Tyrhee Moore is a mountaineer, outdoor guide and founder of the non-profit, Soul Trak. Growing up in Washington D.C, Tyrhee first fell in love with the outdoors on a 7th grade trip to the Grand Tetons with City Kids Wilderness Project. He was blown away by the beautiful views, but he was also impressed by his own power …

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Walking the Path of Life with Your Teenagers

Parenting can feel like climbing a mountain with high peaks and low valleys in between, especially with the onset of hormones, emotions, and changes — of them and of us! On today's new podcast, my friends and I discuss lessons we’ve learned and how we have walked through and are currently walking through life with our …

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Minnesota Vikings mock draft: MULTIPLE offensive linemen drafted!

Minnesota Vikings 4-round mock draft with update Tyler Forness from Climbing the Pocket! The Vikings find a future quarterback, three offensive linemen, defensive end, wide receiver and a safety!

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder [Bread & Wine]

At what point do we stop climbing the corporate ladder? For the last couple of years, Nicole has jumped back into the corporate world. She's doing a great job (per usual) and there is talk of a promotion and a raise. At this point in her life, she's not sure if she wants it. We discuss this situation together and tal …

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RB153: What Is Your Everest? Climbing The Seven Second Summits with Jenn Drummond

In this episode, I speak with Jenn Drummond. As a busy mom of 7, Jenn is out to set a world record to be the first woman to climb all seven, second summits (the second tallest mountains in each of the seven continents). She is also climbing Mount Everest this May to prepare for the more challenging K2 summit later this …

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Lift as You Climb with Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop is a  journalist, podcaster, stand up comedian and writer. Her brilliant new book 'Lift as You Climb' discusses *how* to be ambitious, how to succeed and how to help others along the way. We got pretty deep in this wide ranging convo and covered topics like how to spread positivity in a negative world, your …

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LIVE Catch-Up: Shelma Jun

Catch-up with Shelma Jun, founder of Flash Foxy and the creator of the women’s climbing festival. Shelma was on the show back in 2017, when we talked about the founding of Flash Foxy and the ripple effect of starting small in a place she knew, the climbing community. In an Instagram live catch-up Gale did with Shelma o …

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The Climb 2 Review

A short but sometimes thrilling VR climbing simulator with some nicely diverse backdrops.

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TBP 166: ClimbWell Founders on Balancing Climbing and Life

About ClimbWell ClimbWell is a new organization founded by Remy Franklin, Gaby Colletta, and Blake Cason whose mission is to provide resources for climbers to help them grow in their climbing and in life in general. Remy is a life coach, Gaby is a Meditation + Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and Blake i …

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JCPC 097 Natalie Berry reads A Scotsman's Duty

Natalie Berry reads Gordon Smith’s classic accounts of winter ice climbing on Ben Nevis and big routes in the Alps, both stories drenched in 1970s drizzle and hunger.

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Climbing Your Mt. Everest

Life, goals, challenges can often feel like we're climbing uphill on a tall mountain. We get discouraged and frustrated when we don't make a lot of progress. Today I want to show you how looking at your life and goals through the lens of climbing Mtn. Everest, might help you get to your 'summit'.  Show Notes:https://ww …

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Episode 208: Margo Talbot – Climbing Through the Pain.

On Episode 208 of the Enormocast, I have a very enjoyable and inspiring talk with ice climber and author, Margo Talbot. Margo is Canadian and based out of Canmore, Alberta. In her memoir, All That Glitters, Margo reveals that she had a youth of drug addiction, depression, and suicidal tendencies but found climbing ice …

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Ep.476 ~ 5 Hours in a Sauna, Climbing Kilimanjaro in Shorts, Superhuman Performance Hacker & Author ~ Scott Carney

Scott Carney ~ Author of Wedge ~ Current Series ~ 100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers Could you imagine climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in record time with no training? How about spending 5 hours in an 180 degree sauna? Most people think these are nearly impossible feats but our guest today has done them both.  T …

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Episode 169: Meet Ericka Williams and Discover The Classy Climb Empire

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Keisha Nicole sits down with serial entrepreneur Ericka Williams.  Ericka has built quite the empire for herself and on this episode she shares her journey.  Ericka talks about her trucking business, how she got into it and the ups and downs of the business.  She shares informa …


Jam Crack - The Niall Grimes Climbing Podcast

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The TrainingBeta Podcast: Climbing Training Podcast

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IGN Game Reviews – Spoken Edition

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Purple Daily - A Minnesota Vikings Podcast

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