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Re-Release: Fee Stubblefield, Founder & CEO, The Springs Living

Fee Stubblefield is the CEO, Founder and President of The Springs Living with its home office in McMinnville, Oregon.  Fee started The Springs Living in 1996, with an idea to build a retirement community his grandmother would want to live in as she faced the challenges of aging. Today there are 12 communities in Orego …

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Episode 37: 18037 Dark Spring

Dark Spring combines American popular song tradition with the musical and theatrical avant-garde to form Thomalla’s eclectic take on contemporary opera. The work centers on four young people under extreme pressure to achieve success, which strains against their internal powerlessness and eventually erupts into violence …

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Gonorrhea!? In MY hot spring?

A professor of "Happiness" locks his child in a dog crate and beats his wife, a singer peed on an audience member during a concert and an 11 year old girl got gonorrhea from a hot spring. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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Spark Bird: The First Robin of Spring

Rasheena Fountain studied environmental science and worked at her local Audubon Society. Now she writes about nature and diversity in the outdoors. And what got her interested in the first place? It all started in kindergarten, with a teacher named Miss Beak and the first robin of spring. Learn more at BirdNote.org.

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Spring Flowering Bulbs, Amaryllis and Fertilizing Houseplants

The Plantrama team discusses the importance of soil temperature when planting bulbs for spring bloom. In the main segment we talk about handling the amaryllis bulbs you have kept from last winter, and how to bring them into flower in December. We end with a question about how frequently houseplants should be fertilized …

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Heiko Scherrer on OpenWMS, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, workflow with Activiti and more

UPDATE: I published the wrong interview in an earlier publication of this episode! This isn't a dupe. Listen to this one instead :-) Hi, Spring fans! In this installment, [Josh Long (@starbuxman)](https://twitter.com/starbuxman) talks to OpenWMS founder [Heiko Scherrer (@openwms)](https://twitter.com/openwms) about Op …

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Daphinique Springs. Originally from palm beach, FL Daphinique talks about how she would always hustle for money even as a kid and how she still hustles the comedy game today. Daphnique is popular from her many YouTube videos like “men with potential” Follow Daphnique on IG https://www.instagram.com/iamdsprings/?hl=en - …

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How to Sell 450 Homes in 2021 w Spring Bengtzen

Spring Bengtzen’s real estate team of 27 agents – located about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, Utah – has already sold 259 units as of August 2021. If things continue in this hot housing market, they will likely sell around 450 homes by the end of the year. Spring got her operational costs down considerably by h …

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Microsoft's Asir V. Selvasingh on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Azure Spring Cloud

Aloha, Spring fans! In this installment [Josh Long (@starbuxman)](https://twitter.com/starbuxman) talks to Microsoft's [Asir V. Selvasingh (@asirselvasingh)](https://twitter.com/asirselvasingh) about Azure Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Microsoft Azure and more.

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Dragons of Spring Dawning (Tome Book Club)

In this episode Tracy, Jeff, and Eric discuss Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  Thanks to our Sponsor: Galder's Gazetteer inspired by Laurence's Campaign  Links:  Tracy on Twitter Tracy on the Web Eric on Twitter Jeff on Twitter Thetomeshow.com Patreon.com/thetomeshow

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Spring Retreat - Day 5 - The Flower Sermon

On the fifth night of the Spring Retreat, Mikey offers a talk on the "Flower Sermon". He highlights the importance of the simple, experiential wisdom, that comes from being fully attentive to the here and now.

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Nancy Tucker - The First Day of Spring

'The First Day of Spring' is the début novel by Nancy Tucker and tells the unsettling story of Chrissie, an eight-year-old responsible for the murder of another child. Nancy joined Ryan on the line from the UK to talk about her inspirations and insights into this gripping tale.

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Pac-12 programs wrap up spring football and early season TV times are set

This week Podcast of Champions hosts Ryan Abraham and David Woods put a bow on spring football 2021 with Stanford hosting its spring game over the weekend and UCLA finishing up with a rare Thursday morning spring game, both shown live on the Pac-12 Network.The guys also talk about the early season television times bein …

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Spring Season 2021 1st Impressions Pt.1

Episode 297: Spring is here and on this part we give our 1st impressions on the following shows: Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, Higehiro, Combatants Will Be Dispatched, Vivy: Fluorites Eye Song, Edens Zero, Shadows House, and SSSS.Dynazenon. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/anime-summit/message

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The Energetics of Spring Flowers with Rosalee Rosalee de la Forêt

Today's episode is an excerpt from our spring online Free Herbalism Project hosted on April 8, 2021.  Happy Spring! In this presentation we’ll be looking at the many gifts of some favorite spring flowers and learn some wisdom from these ephemeral beings. Rosalee will also be sharing invitations and recipes to bring mor …

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Spring Game Offensive Breakdown (5/5/21)

The fellas do their usual in-depth breakdown of the offense after last Saturday’s Red-White Spring Game. Also, we’re officially launching our Redcast merchandise store online. You can now purchase your favorite podcast gear and accessories by going to https://shop.hurrdatmedia.com/collections/all Don’t forget to go to …

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iACast 158 - A Spring Loaded Question

Show Description On this episode, Michael, Jeff, Taylor, and Jason discuss the announcements from Apple's Spring Loaded event. We then all try to answer this question. If you could only have 10 apps on your iPhone, what would they be? News Apple's product announcements at the Spring Loaded event. You can find a full li …

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88. Spring Nocturne

This episode is an ode to a spring night I recorded outside sitting beside a pond filled with spring peepers. Lots of sound in this edition of Pondercast. A very welcome sound.

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Spring Decor - Tips & Inspiration

Today we are putting SPRING in your decor. From simple re-freshes to items to add and DIYs to create we share lots & lots of ideas and inspiration with you! Watch Kelly's "Spring Decor Ideas" video HERE. Watch Kelly's video with details/tutorials for 5 fabulous spring decor ideas. Watch HERE. Budding branches are h …

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The spring awakening of the forest in France's Ardèche region

In France's south-eastern Ardèche region, as winter ends, the forest slowly wakes up from its long hibernation. Spring is the time when a whole population gets busy studying, preserving and tidying up these natural spaces. Agents of the French National Forests Office replant saplings and choose the trees to be felled, …

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Thoughts on TreVeyon Henderson, Ryan Watts, QB timeline and more as OSU coaches talk end of spring football

This is the official wrap on spring football for the Ohio State Buckeyes as Ryan Day, Kerry Coombs and Kevin Wilson spoke with reporters on Friday for a final evaluation of everything that happened during spring football practice. On this weekend Buckeye Talk, Doug Lesmerises, Nathan Baird and Stephen Means discuss wha …

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GGG 265 Spring Loaded

GGG 265 Spring Loaded - This week Matt Adam and Liberty sit down to discuss all the announcements at the apple spring forward event. Instagram (Matt) Instagram (Heinrich) LFD Research Facebook Apple Podcasts Stitcher  Contact the show directly at geeksgadgetsandguns@gmail.com


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